Who We Are

Ernesto Berrios

Therapeutic Mentor / House Manager

Ernesto hails from New York City. He initiated his journey into higher education at a small community college in the middle of a rain-forest in Southeast Alaska, and completed his first degree (Associates of Science in Massage Therapy) from SUNY Columbia-Greene.  His interest in Eastern Medical Massage led him to completing a Bachelors of Science in Chinese Medicine from Empire State College, while doing fieldwork in China.  He is currently working towards his Masters in Health Arts and Sciences, focusing on the medical lexicon and traditional medical cultures of China, India and Tibet with a Medical anthropologist at Goddard College.  Ernesto enjoys his general house maintenance duties just as much as he does restoring the old neglected cape house he inherited in the small mountain village of Worcester Vermont. His position as Therapeutic Mentor is as fulfilling to him as is raising his own family and he uses his knowledge of traditional/holistic forms of healing to guide the residents on their own individual healing journeys. He has shown great ingenuity in helping residents look at their challenges from fresh and unique perspectives. Ernesto’s kind nature and positive attitude have a calming/grounding effect on those around him. His ever present smile and good sense of humor spreads joy and laughter any day of the week.  

In Ernesto’s free time you will find him with his family camping, hiking, working on his handyman’s special home and generally just enjoying life to the fullest. 

Deborah Betts

Co-founder / Resident Director

Deborah has been passionately driven by her dream to create a healing farm community for individuals who need support and encouragement to grow beyond their mental and emotional life challenges.  She is committed to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle and believes that balance is discovered and sustained for longevity when there is a direct connection to the earth, animals, expressive art and a nurturing environment that promotes a feeling of home.  She embraced this
concept while raising her two children, Mariah and Evan, on an organic homestead in Northern Vermont.

Deborah’s enriched 35 years of professional work experience have been primarily in the field of Human Services with a strong focus on Early Education, Family Advocacy and Developmental Disabilities.  However, for the past eighteen years, she has had the privilege of working in the mental health field; committed to helping others learn life skills that will enhance their independence.  It is by Deborah’s design that Hundred Acre Homestead remains small in size, so that she can be personally involved in its Family Embracement ~ Healing Steps Recovery Program.

She had the good fortune of studying privately with Wesleyan Professor of Art, May Griswald, in West Hartford, Connecticut.  A designer of silver and gold jewelry, Deborah entered the craft market in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and later, for private sale, in Camden, Maine.  Art still remains an instrumental healing tool at The Homestead because Deborah believes that within the safe place of artistic self expression, the outer world melts away and honest healing work from within can evolve.

Hundred Acre Homestead has grown from the union between one family’s need for quality care for their loved one and Deborah’s deep desire to share her life’s work with extraordinary and gifted people.  

Deborah is an active member of ARTA (American Residential Treatment Association).

Josh DeWitt

Clinical Support Leaderimg_1276

Josh has a variety of professional, educational, and personal experiences working with people in the human services field.  Josh earned a Masters of Arts in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO.  Josh has led multi-day expeditions in the wilderness, taught experiential education programs, worked with individuals with disabilities promoting independence, served as a crisis clinician, and provided end of life services for individuals and their families.

Josh splits his time between Hundred Acre Homestead and his private counseling practice.

In his free time Josh enjoys being active outside; going for hikes, trail runs, bike rides, fishing, golfing, and camping.  To rest and rejuvenate Josh cherishes time with family and close friends, cooking, watching a ball game, and doing yoga and meditations. 

Catherine Jordan

Recruiting Manager

Catherine moved to Vermont after graduating from Cazenovia College with a Bachelors of Science in Human Services. Catherine loves working with people from all walks of life and has worked at Children’s National Medical Center and at the National Partnership for Women and Families in Washington D.C. 

Catherine joined the Homestead’s team in August 2016 as Therapeutic Mentor. She transitioned to the role of Recruiting Manager after six months working as a TM, so she has first hand knowledge of The Homestead’s programing and daily routine. Catherine loves to spend time outside and can often be found exploring Hubbard park’s many trails in Montpelier or paddling in her kayak on one of Vermont’s many lakes.

Pat Lambdin

Music Therapist

Pat began offering music therapy at the Homestead in November 2016. As a lifelong musician, Pat specializes in guitar and has a wide range of musical interests. He studied in Edinburgh, Scotland and earned a Masters degree in Nordoff-Robbins music therapy. Pat has experience working in psychiatric mental health settings, with children and adults with learning difficulties, and in palliative care settings. He is a songwriter and a student of north Indian classical music. When he is not making music, Pat likes to spend time outside,  loves to cook and loves to go on traveling adventures around the world. He moved to Vermont in 2015 and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Kristin Marriott


Kristin trained at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont and did her internship at Canyon Ranch- a resort in Tucson, Arizona- specializing in Spa Cuisine. Back home she honed her skills for four years working in some of Stowe, Vermont’s finer restaurants. She credits her interest in cooking to her Grandmother, who inspired her while growing up in Jeffersonville, Vermont on the other side of Mt. Mansfield from Stowe.

Kristin’s desire to integrate her love of a nutrition-centered lifestyle with food preparation led her to become part of the Hundred Acre Homestead team, which she considers “the best job ever!” Kristin excels at offering healthy, organic meals that nurture and satisfy on every level. She is especially talented at creating unique and flavorful seasonings which make every bite a complex and many-layered experience.

Kristin easily caters to each resident’s food preferences and sensitivities, serving a variety of tasteful options at every meal. She also bakes wonderful bread and cookies, and makes fabulous desserts for special celebrations, like birthdays and holidays.

Jillian Monack, BSN, RN, PMHN

Registered Nurse

Jillian joined Hundred Acre Homestead as the Registered Nurse (RN) in September 2015. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2010 and holds a Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing, along with a board certification in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Her focus in college was primarily Holistic Nursing, a specialty practice that draws on nursing knowledge, theories, expertise, and intuition to guide nurses in becoming therapeutic partners with people in their care. Jillian has found that mental health and holism are interwoven essential components in health care. She enjoys building relationships with those in her care and encourages them to live their own unique healing journey.

Jillian has experience as an RN in the fields of general medicine and mental health, making her a welcomed addition to the Hundred Acre Homestead team. When she’s not on duty as a nurse, you can find Jillian on a hike, swim, or ski in the Green Mountains; at home cooking up a delicious healthy meal for loved ones; or enjoying a restful day with her partner, Brian, and their dog, Ralph.

Lauré Murphy

Program Director

Lauré Murphy has 20+ years experience as a Business Manager with a strong focus in Human Resources and Bookkeeping. Lauré joined the Hundred Acre Homestead team in October of 2014 handling all of our facilities, program scheduling and Human Resources needs. When not at The Homestead you can find Lauré spending time with her family. The Murphy’s enjoy working in their organic garden, remote camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and building giant Lego Creations!

Lauré also enjoys volunteering within the community.  She serves on the Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition, as Treasurer on the PTN board at her children’s school, as a Sunday school teacher and Chemical Recovery Counselor at her local church.  Lauré is an active member of ARTA (American Residential Treatment Association) and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).