Seasonal Activities

The seasonal activities at Hundred Acre Homestead work with the natural rhythms of the farm to promote healing and recovery. There are an abundance of chores to be done each season. This is simple, but essential work that provides a wealth of healthy and therapeutic, in-the-moment, life experience that can restore a person’s work ethic, and help them recognize the importance and satisfaction of their effort. By design, each season offers its own unique opportunity to follow The Homestead’s carefully chosen, carefully implemented healing steps.


This is a time to celebrate the awakening of life. The community assists with shearing the sheep and the alpaca, and participates in the fun-loving experience of combing Cashmere from the goats! This is also preparation time for the garden- clean up the garden beds and plant the vegetable seedlings. Everyone shares an appreciation of the lengthening days and experiences the warmth of the Sun.


Colorful, fresh flowers and vegetables are a highlight of this season. Residents enjoy work in the organic garden, visits to the local Farmer’s Market each week, hiking, biking, bonfires on top of the hill with music and smores, trips to cool off in some of Vermont’s most amazing swimming holes, and attending concerts along the waterfront. There are plenty of activities to sign up for… and plenty of maple creemees to be enjoyed.


As the warm summer days fade into, cool autumn nights, The Homestead prepares for winter. It’s time to harvest the vegetables, preserve them, pick apples and enjoy sweet, fresh cider. Firewood is gathered for the colder nights and the beautiful alpine glow that casts its light across The Homestead is the envy of most photographers.


As the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, The Homestead community welcomes the season of introspection. This is a time to explore creativity in the art studio, journal, knit by the fire, card and spin wool, play board games and be social with peers. There is also time to have fun in the snow while building snowmen, x-country skiing, sledding and snowshoeing.