From Former Residents

“After many years of darkness, depression, self destructive patterns, substance abuse, a consuming eating disorder, and a suicide attempt that nearly took my life, I was reborn into a new plane of consciousness and ripe for a new outlook and new relationship with myself.  The Homestead took me in and walked with me to build a strong inner core, understand and manifest self love, and physically, emotionally, and spirituality I began the life long healing process.  Embracing this mind, body, spirit connection within a close knit, nurturing community, with the guidance of compassionate staff and mother earth, changed my life and gave me a sense of hope I’ve never had before.  I would recommend this program to anyone committed to beginning or sustaining the path to well being.  For individuals who choose life and have the self motivation to do the work the rest HAH can make happen.  It is truly a protective, loving environment capable of working miracles”.   ~Former Resident


 “My time at The Homestead was a great learning experience. I learned such skills as patience and trying not to let things get to me. I loved looking at the view and I liked doing the daily activities we did as a community or the one-on-one activities I did with various Therapeutic Mentors.  One of the skills I learned was how to cook and to this day, I am still learning how to cook various foods.” ~Resident


“The Homestead was the best possible situation I could have hoped for in a time of great need. The people are the foundation of the program and they are good people with patience and understanding which allowed me to explore and subsequently find a peace of mind I had been searching for. Without their friendship and the placid environment, I don’t think I could have stayed as healthy and happy as I have since I left over 3 years ago.” ~Resident


“My time at Hundred Acre Homestead was like a breath of air after I had been drowning for so long. It was the beginning of genuine healing after suffering for many years. The facilities and the staff members were peace-filled and some of the kindest people I have ever encountered. I am grateful everyday for The Homestead. It really did feel like home.”~Resident


“I have been to several treatment and mental health facilities and none have been as comfortable or created such an environment where individual healing can be fostered the way it happened for me at Hundred Acre Homestead.” ~Resident


“The people at Hundred Acre Homestead are great people – very nice, genuine, open, caring , and loving. The Homestead is about good people trying to help those less fortunate to get their lives back together and move in a positive direction.” ~Resident


“The Homestead was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences I’ve ever been through. I found an accepting, caring and genuine staff that walked with me for a time and helped me to understand my own mind in a more accurate and accepting fashion.” ~Resident


“When I got to The Homestead I was very lost. They helped me to find paths and build bridges that honor both my dreams and my limitations. The self knowledge I gained there is irreplaceable.” ~Resident


 From Families of Residents

“The Homestead is a warm, hopeful and encouraging environment.  It is an impressive community which has been a ‘Godsend’ for my son.  Upon meeting Deborah, the Co-Founder/Resident Director, her giving and warm spirit coupled with her patient professionalism was and continues to be reassuring.  Their capacity to find and staff professional, talented and caring men and women, make The Homestead uniquely who it is.  The natural and bucolic setting with the view of the majestic mountains is healing in it’s own right.  It truly is a ‘home away from home’, per se.  It is heartfelt knowing that my son is in a kind environment that cares, nurtures, and encourages personal growth and fulfillment.  The Homestead has nurtured and worked with my son allowing for slow, steady growth and healing.  Deborah and the staff have an interesting and challenging balancing act where they have to juggle, they seem to do it beautifully knowing when to push/pull, remain steady, etc.  Even though the individuals are important there is a mutual respect and importance for the community as a whole.  The progress my son has made and continues to make since his arrival at The Homestead, in comparison to where he was, is unbelievable.  To the outside it would appear to be a minimal, but I can attest to the mountains that he, Deborah and the amazing staff at The Homestead, have moved in order for him to be where he is presently.”  ~Forever Grateful Parent

“Hundred Acre Homestead was a wonderful community for our daughter while recovering and developing her talents. She participated in setting goals and designed a personalized program that included achieving better understanding of her illness, college level courses, art and gardening- plus a very healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.” ~Parent

“When I realized my son had a mental illness, I put all my energy into learning everything I could about his condition… the “right” medication, the best Psychiatrists, counselors, etc. It was extremely overwhelming and frightening. After many months of exhausting all the resources I could find and after several hospitalizations, I decided what my son needed was an opportunity to heal. He was trying to function in the same World, with all its expectations, that he was living in prior to his illness escalating. What he needed was a time-out from that World… a peaceful place, with loving, kind, patient people, who would help him learn how he could function in this World. Hundred Acre Homestead was just that place. From the first phone call I made to The Homestead, I felt this was the place that would be the key to his future. I will always be grateful to The Homestead for their contribution to my son and my family’s healing.” ~ Parent

“After my daughter’s near fatal suicide attempt, we investigated several programs and facilities, striving to find one which would keep her safe without feeling imprisoned, while addressing her numerous, and highly individual medical and psychological needs. With it’s beautiful setting and highly individualized approach to helping people build their own ways to wellness, Hundred Acre Homestead was what we needed. I will always be grateful to Deborah, especially, for having made such a place and program her own life’s mission.” ~Parent

“Hundred Acre Homestead is a state of the art program. Our family is grateful for the personal investment Deborah and each staff member makes to ensure understanding, patience and encouragement for their [residents]. We are fortunate to have journeyed through the difficulties of mental illness with a program that gave us hope and a new understanding of recovery. The family atmosphere and beautiful surroundings provide a peaceful environment to heal. All mental health facilities should follow the remarkable philosophy developed within this program.” ~Parent

From a Mental Health Professional

“It is so important that our members are aware of the many facilities that are available for themselves or their loved ones. It is good for everyone to know that there are caring and competent people running some top-notch facilities in our area. [Hundred Acre Homestead] is the kind of place I would not hesitate to recommend or use for one of my own family members. Thank you for the work you do.”~National Alliance on Mental Illness, former Chapter President